Spirit Acoustics

Spirit's Desktop Divider Type - VWB

Divide your open work space with Spirit’s Desktop Divider. Easily turn any desk or conference area into a partitioned section of individual work spaces. Featuring a vertical wing bracket, these privacy screens easily mount above or below any surface. Each face is a fully functional tack board and available in a wide variety of fabric including the customers own fabric and complex fabrics.



  • Height and width built to order
  • Thickness – 3/8″, 1  1/4”, 1  5/8” or  2  3/8” – or to thickness requested. 

Divider Finishes

  • Fabric wrapped – COM or selected from Spirit’s Fabric Collection
  • Colored Cork – American & European
  • Dry erase


  • Use your own or select one from our many options
  • Guilford of Maine – Complete Line
  • COM fabrics
  • Complex fabrics
  • Magnetic underlayment optional 

Edge Options

  • Square
  • Radiused
  • Beveled
  • Fabric Molding Band

Vertical Wing Brackets (VWB)

This Divider is installed with a 3” wide piece of finished steel that extends vertically above the work surface through a built in vertical sleeve concealing the Vertical Wing Bracket (VWB). The number of VWB’s per Divider panel is based on panel width. VWB’s can be attached below the work surface or on top of the work surface.

Vertical Wing Bracket Sizes

Standard Duty – 3”w x 10”h x 1/8”                           (for Dividers 11” to 16” high) Item # – VWBSD

Medium Duty – 3”w x 15”h x 1/8”                                  (for Dividers 16” to 21” ) Item # – VWBMB

Heavy Duty –  5”w x 24”h x 1/4”                                  (for large Dividers) Item # – VWBHD