Speech Guard Ceiling System Eliminates Inter-Office Noise

By Jay Morgan

Inter-office noise is often cited as one of the most common workplace distractions in today’s offices.  According to Ask.com, 61% of office workers surveyed believed that the most often occurring workplace distraction was “loud coworkers.”  A noisy coworker, someone in the next office dropping something or printing, and loud ceiling equipment can derail focus and decrease productivity.  Much of the escaping noise can be attributed to the ceiling as there are open holes in light fixtures, plenum air returns, and between ceiling tiles that allow any sound to pass through.  This problem now has a solution.

Part 1: Speech Guard Light Hood

One of the largest oversights in many methods to lessen office noise is ignoring the noise escaping through the light fixtures.  Other systems place cluttering fiberglass in the ceiling or only cover the tiles ignoring the sound escaping through the light.  Speech Guard’s light hoods solve this problem while still allowing air to pass through.

Part 2: Speech Guard Tile Backer

Speech Guard’s specially designed tile backers block sound from escaping through the standard 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ ceiling grid.  All tiles have a flame proof backer to remain up to the ceiling code.

Part 3: Speech Guard Plenum Air Return Silencer

Often plenum air returns are left completely open to allow air to circulate and are one of the biggest offenders in allowing noise into the ceiling.  Other products have attempted to block sound by completely covering these returns blocking air circulation and creating a stuffy office.  Speech Guard solves this problem by providing a sound blocker that catches sound while still allowing air to escape through an indirect route.

These three parts of the overall Speech Guard system make up the only comprehensive ceiling plenum sound control solution.  The materials meet all fire code standards and allow air to pass through the ceiling normally.  Read more about Speech Guard at it’s website http://speechguard.net/.